Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nifty iPhone Apps

Here's what I've installed. I've only done the free ones because I don't know if I'll keep the phone or not.

  • Photobucket - upload to your albums straight from the phone
  • AT&T Easy WiFi - Free WiFi at Starbucks
  • PageOnce - All of your accounts in one place. Like Mint, with more stuff.
  • RingCentral - Pay for GrandCentral App
  • Melodis Dialer - A voice dialing solution, no bluetooth though
  • Twitterific - tweet from this app
  • Google Earth
  • Google
  • Lightsaber - I wouldn't be where I am with out George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry
  • Shazam - This captures a song in the background and tells you what it is. Worked great in a crowded bar.
  • Files Lite - Theoretically I can transfer files between my computer and iPhone, but it seems that I need a network instead of an ad-hoc connection.
  • Free RSS - RSS reader, as good as any
  • 1 Password - All your passwords are belong to us
  • Trak - if the iPhone ever leaves my sight, I can track it
  • Yellowpages
What I'd like to see:
  • OpenOffice or some office document manipulation
  • Windows Live Search
  • Data transfer between iPhones
  • Wireless data transfer

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