Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nifty iPhone Apps

Here's what I've installed. I've only done the free ones because I don't know if I'll keep the phone or not.

  • Photobucket - upload to your albums straight from the phone
  • AT&T Easy WiFi - Free WiFi at Starbucks
  • PageOnce - All of your accounts in one place. Like Mint, with more stuff.
  • RingCentral - Pay for GrandCentral App
  • Melodis Dialer - A voice dialing solution, no bluetooth though
  • Twitterific - tweet from this app
  • Google Earth
  • Google
  • Lightsaber - I wouldn't be where I am with out George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry
  • Shazam - This captures a song in the background and tells you what it is. Worked great in a crowded bar.
  • Files Lite - Theoretically I can transfer files between my computer and iPhone, but it seems that I need a network instead of an ad-hoc connection.
  • Free RSS - RSS reader, as good as any
  • 1 Password - All your passwords are belong to us
  • Trak - if the iPhone ever leaves my sight, I can track it
  • Yellowpages
What I'd like to see:
  • OpenOffice or some office document manipulation
  • Windows Live Search
  • Data transfer between iPhones
  • Wireless data transfer

OMG, I'm a fanboi...

I can't believe this. I bought an iPhone. I really can't believe it.

I'm a sellout.

I always said it was over-hyped and that my WM phone did more. Turns out it does, but I've had it a whole day now and I really like it. Like most Apple products, it's easy to use and expensive. But just about anyone can pick this thing up and figure it out. You don't even need to know your email settings. It doesn't sync between Firefox and Thunderbird with Lightning, which sucks. So I have to go through another step to keep everything synced, but I'm used to doing things the hard way, I've been using Windows for more than 15 years. Okay, so here's what is different for me:
  • No editing Office Docs (viewing is fine)
  • No copy and paste
  • No bluetooth voice dial (this may be a deal breaker)
  • iPhone apps are more in vogue than WM apps, so there are some pretty neat ones out there
  • Multiple screens in Safari (kinda like tabbed browsing)
  • You really can't do anything with it unless Apple says so (I'm not jailbreaking it yet)
  • No landscape texting
  • Seems like you could break the screen easily, not built for wear and tear
  • AT&T doesn't offer insurance for it
  • No wireless/bluetooth transfer between computer and device (infact, the only thing the bluetooth does is connect to a headset, no voice dial, no audio playback, no syncing with other devices - what is this, 2003?)
  • I'm having better luck with it accessing my Groupwise webmail - the lack of accessibility is the company's fault, but iPhone handles it better
  • I'm having trouble finding a solution for Google Calendar sync for multiple calendars
More to come. I'll post some of the free apps I've found and some things I've learned to do. I've only had it a day and I'm already the expert compared to everyone else I know with one.