Saturday, January 07, 2006

Stop Work Distraction

A post over at 43 Folders reminded me of something I've been needing to do in the new year. Learn the "qualified yes". Somehow, while reading that post I stumbled on another relating to office distractions, it may have been over at Lifehacker. In fact, it was, so check out "Firewalling your attention at the office". One thing I would add is that in my company, some of the offices allow you to have a curtain or three-fold divider that you can put in front of your cube doorway. Some people put them up to take a lunchtime nap or just to have some privacy. I've also seen a sign on a string saying something like, Do Not Disturb. Procrastination Rectification in Progress." Then there's specialized roll-up doorway blocker, I think I saw one at Think Geek one time. Nope, not at ThinkGeek, try CubeDoor. It has a pattern on it but is also transparent and small enough that people could see around to know that you're working but still get the point. Now to work on that time management thing again...

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