Sunday, July 30, 2006

Stephen Colbert in August "Wired"

Check out the August edition of Wired magazine. Stephen Colbert has an article on "How to be an expert on anything." It begins a special "how to" pull out section that covers everything from photography to sucking up to your boss. YMMV if you take all of the suggestions seriously, but I very much enjoyed the articles. The only thing I didn't like at first was the every-other-page Geek Squad advertisements, but I actually read them and they were fairly amusing. Although I would think that most of Wired's readers probably already know how to fix their computers without the Geek Squad. But you never know, and there are plenty of us out there that know how but are just plain lazy and would rather pay them to do it. Of course I'm also cheap in addition to being lazy, so I'll probably just do it myself so I don't have to lug my desktop to Best Buy.

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